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"I just had to write a review because I feel so strongly about the care this office gives to their patients. I have been to 2 other Physical Therapy facilities and although they were sufficient, Optimal PT gives you so much more than just a place to do exercises to improve. The facility is smaller and they keep their numbers low so you get so much more individual attention. Paula, Hadassa and Ebony are all so personable, great conversationalists and very knowledgeable. The techs they hire are also very personable and attentive. But it is the atmosphere in there that makes it a pleasure to attend. They take your mind off of the pain you are feeling as you go through your exercises. I even got to know other clients as we chatted about the topic at hand. If you hate going to Physical Therapy as I usually do, do give this place a try. You might change your mind just as I did!"
Nov 03, 2020
"Optimal Physical Therapy and Rehab. is the best place to begin with healing and recovering. Both Hadassa and Paula are highly professional & knowledgeable; and all staff are friendly, caring and fun to work with. Going there for therapy is just like visiting friends. During my two-month treatment there, they tailored the therapies according to my needs and provided a tremendous help for my recovery. The location is hidden in a quiet neighborhood with ample parking space. I was so happy to learn that they have kept their door open during the Pandemic and have provided a safe, clean and caring environment conducive to patient's healing. Thanks a million to Hadassa and Paul for your help!"
Nov 01, 2020
"Fabulous people who "know their stuff"! Talented, kind, accommodating. Caring atmosphere that is not overly booked to allow for hands-on, individual attention. I have been with therapists Paula and Hadassa varied times over the years and I have been very pleased with outcome. They are 5 star! "
Mar 14, 2019
"Optimal Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation in Silver Spring, Maryland has the best family friendly environment which I love when looking for a place like this. Especially when you are in pain you want to be around lots of happy, fun, smiling faces. Hadassa, Paula, and all the techs are very nice and caring. They have become family to my mom and I who were both patients. They take the time to work with you to create specific exercises that will help heal you and meet your rehab needs. I highly recommend them to all my family and friends. "
Jul 05, 2018
"Paula and Hadassa are the absolute BEST. I had called multiple places about therapy, and they were the only ones to answer so kindly. And then when I came in, they were just as kind in person! Paula and Hadassa are both super professional, welcoming, personable, funny, and the ambiance they set at their clinic makes every visit just as enjoyable as the last! I got better and had a great time doing so. Definitely the best physical therapists in the world :)"
May 09, 2018
"Getting therapy at optimal is more like a family reunion than receiving treatment. Hadassa, Paula and staff make everyone feel wanted. The normal course at other providers is to get therapy and pay your bill. Not a Optimal where I get a heartfelt welcome and expert treatment from people who really care about me. Both my body and soul feel a bit better at the end of the session. Upon recommendation from another physical therapist, I first visited Optimal. I had mobility issues and intense back pain. Before therapy I couldn't walk 10 steps without wincing. Now the pain is virtually gone and I am moving so much better. They are great PTs who make you better. I recommend the practice without reservation."
May 02, 2018
"Paula and Hadassa create a relaxed, friendly atmosphere in their clean, roomy, sunny therapy room. Patients laugh and talk with each other while doing their exercises or getting treatment from Paula or Hadassa. I was treated by Paula. While effortlessly maintaining a cheerful ambiance, Paula paid close attention to my pain, my feelings, my injuries and my life story. She carefully supervised my form while I was doing exercises. Paula answered all of my questions patiently and thoughtfully.Not only did I feel better but I had a great time talking to Paula and Hadassa and meeting the other patients. My one regret is that my therapy is over! I have, over the years, visited five physical therapists, including Paula. This was the first time that I thought the P.T. was both knowledgeable, effective and personable. I highly recommend Optimal PTR."
Apr 02, 2018
"The staff at Optimal Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation is the greatest. They are professional, knowledgeable, and the friendliest group you could ever have the pleasure of receiving physical therapy and related assistance from. The atmosphere is one of support, humor, and success."
Mar 10, 2018


I was very pleased with Optimal Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. I mainly worked with Paula. She was helpful and when I told her that I played volleyball and wanted to get back to playing competitively she brought in her volleyball so we could work with it. Paula was very encouraging and every thing she said about the process of recovering from the surgery was accurate. There were times I felt like I wasn't ever going to get back to normal but she kept assuring me I would. She had the right balance of pushing me to do more and having compassion.I trusted that she was not going to push me too far. If I ever have another need for PT I will be calling them.


The PTs at Optimal Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation were professional, knowledgeable and respectful. They understood the emotional as well as physical difficulties of surgery and they were able to provide individual rehab assistance to help me move quickly from post-surgery to independence.

- Pat

The therapy following double-knee replacement is difficult. Hadassa, owner and physical therapist, has done an incredible job of helping me to regain mobility and functionality in both legs. She clearly knows human anatomy, analyzes what is needed, and coaches the patient into what needs to be done in a way that makes even the initial painful sessions doable.

- Kate